1980s Title Sequence Test

Influenced by the work of Sid Sutton, I worked on my own personalized version of the 1980-1986 ‘Doctor Who’ title sequence for use in the introduction of my own showreel. This was completed using adobe premiere.


BBC Radiophonic Workshop – ‘The Alchemists of Sound’

This insightful documentary looks at the history of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the evolving processes involved with creating radiophonic music.  It features many in-depth interviews, technique analyses, and reflection upon the the curious niche that was ‘radiophonics’.

Useful Notes (I have analysed the above programme, and have made the following notes) Continue reading

My Project: ‘Doctor Who’ and the concept of self-limitation

Aware of the amount of time and effort I’ll have to invest in my project, I have decided to focus on an area that interested me the most.  As a long standing vintage film and TV enthusiast, I decided to focus on an area still very much relevant to a modern day audience which I could act upon.  I felt creating a piece based around the classic series of doctor who amidst the thriving success of the current series would be highly relevant and full of potential. (particularly when I felt the shows quality of late was under somewhat of a decline) Continue reading