Contextualising ‘Who’: Background Research

Overview, this is a look at old and new techniques in an attempt to contextualize them – give meaning to why the classic series and the new series are the way they are. Continue reading


Slit-Scan Recreation: Part 1 – Pre-Production

Slit-Scan is the name of the procedure used to create the famous ‘tunnel effect’ in the title sequence of ‘Doctor Who’.  I am looking to recreate this particular archaic, photographic technique involving the prolonged opening of a camera shutter to produce fascinatingly abstract results.  Aside from it’s now famous usage in ‘Doctor Who’, it was used also on such motion pictures as  Continue reading

‘Stripped for Action’: Doctor Who in Comic Book form

I am considering incorporating a manual illustration procedure into my project.  I recently looked at various Doctor who comics for inspiration, also managing to obtain relevant vintage material like magazines and comic books.  From these I intend to analyse possible art styles and seek creative influences from, perhaps, highly regarded artists such as Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen fame) and John Ridgway (of 2000AD).  This shows there are still many potential areas/avenues left to explore, and impact upon my final product. Continue reading