‘Dover Castle’ Re-Recording – Radiophonic Sound Tests: Part 1

This is the first completed result of my radiophonic sound test pieces.

For this short piece, i used organic methods to compose a musical piece. I aim to, over the course of the project, focus on the concept of imposed limitation and restraint to match what was achievable in the early years of the classic series.

This piece was achieved using an old violin, from which a pizzicato sound was sampled:

This single sound was duplicated to form the bassline:


The piece was built from the ground up, beginning with the above backing track, before production of the main tune began:

The abovethree noises were used, multiplied and electronically pitchshifted in adobe premiere to produce this tune:

Both elements were then mixed together in a purposely primitive manner as both pieces were externally recorded. This mimicked the BBC radiophonic workshops methods of recording music, which would also be externally recorded from simultaneously playing tape reels in order to build a complete piece. The process produced a slight echo chamber effect.

My piece is a rerecording of another radiophonic workshop piece by renowned classic doctor who composer Dudley Simpson entitled ‘dover castle’. I aimed to give my rendition (top) a distinctly organic feel, compared to the original recording, which was completely synthesized.


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