Original Visual Howlaround Methodology and Concept Analysis

If there’s one thing about the classic series of ‘Doctor Who’ that still stands the test of time, it is the original title sequence.  The opening graphics provided a memorable gateway into the world of the show, transfixing viewers every Saturday teatime. Continue reading


GarageBand Tests

I have a clear idea of how the soundscape for my final piece should play out. my aim is to produce an atmospheric composition evocative of multiple recognisable periods of the Radiophonic Workshop. I want the piece to transform itself from beginning to end, atmospheric at first, slowly building to become the recognisable theme to ‘Doctor Who’. Continue reading

Walter Benjamin – Authenticity

From the very beginning, the concept of authenticity – making my work authentic, was important to me. as a vintage tv and film enthusiast, I felt inclined to use my knowledge and passion to create work true to the yesteryears work that I truly admire.  however this initial perspective differed greatly from the defenition of authenticity outlined by walter benjamin, and even doctor who itself.  my various readings made me question the worth of my work – its value. Continue reading