Project: Audience appeal

The Classic (1963-1989) series and New (2005-) series of ‘Doctor Who’ are two very different shows.  The former put more emphasis on science fiction, whilst the latter is more of an action/adventure series.

Wanting to be truthful about the show in my ad, (ie. not fabricating a false sense of action/adventure in the classic series, when this was not the primary focus of it) I decided to utilize one particular aspect of the classic series that arguably has the edge over the new series in some respects – the distinctive, iconic (and arguably, occasionally retro) visuals.  Highlighting these felt true to the original series, serving as a visual hook to interest a modern viewing audience.

To further build on my earlier ‘retro’ statement, I realized the potential of using recognizable visuals such as the BBC ‘globe ident’, the slit-scan tunnel, the classic ‘Who’ logo, and of course, the TARDIS.  I felt there was a certain powerful draw in using recognizable imagery, and of course creating a sense of nostalgic familiarity with the usage of the old CRT TV for instance.  The same applies to the soundscape – a combination of classic BBC radiophonic sounds and original music, retro in its timbre/composition.  This almost suggests a combination of the musical aspects of the classic series in its earliest and its later years – an overview of the classic series as a whole.

The combination of all of these aspects, I feel, give the classic series, and the ad I have produced, a very distinctive and charismatic appeal.


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