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Welcome. My name is Patrick Helm.
Before this Masters degree, I completed a three year ‘Video & New Media’ BA course at this very university. On my third year dissertation piece, I served as editor on the anthology web series ‘403 Forbidden‘. The successful completion of this project and it’s concept led to extremely favorable reception.  Due to my enjoyment of art prior to my BA University course, as well as my enjoyment of the post-production side of media production, I decided to pursue motion graphics. As a result of this particular background, my work often has a degree of media influence to it, something I fully intend to incorporate into my digital motion graphics project: ‘An introduction to the ‘Classic Series’ (1963-1989, 1996) of BBC TV’s ‘Doctor Who’ for a new generation via motion graphics’.  This very blog will be host to a range of useful research and experimentation, and is naturally a constant work in progress.  I hope to successfully create new interest in the classic series, reaching out to a new audience. Plans are well underway…..



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