Programme of Study


Patrick Helm

MA: Interactive Media and Motion Graphics

An introduction to the ‘Classic Series’ (1963-1989, 1996) of BBC TV’s ‘Doctor Who’ for a new generation via motion graphics.

Brief Description of research:
• Examination of classical visual and aural production methods.
• Practical experimentation in order to develop ideas, often utilizing old fashioned methods.

(What am I hoping to do?)
• Create campaign via motion graphics which would promote the ‘Classic Series’ of ‘Doctor Who’, contextualising it for a modern audience and applying thought processes in a similar manner to the production teams and creative minds of yesteryear.
• Combine classical and traditional practical methods with modern methods in order to produce a polished piece of modern motion graphics.

(What am I going to do to achieve my aims?)
• Research processes used by visual effects department and BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
• Conduct background research on individuals involved in the above departments in order to glean extra information on their methods and thought processes.
• Self-imposed restraint on thought processes in order to emulate ‘Classic Series’ approach.
• Experimentation with different technologies and software, utilizing practical methods of creating sounds and visuals whilst also experimenting and familiarizing with software such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Target Audience:
• Appeal to contemporary audience, specifically school-age children aged 4 to 16 years with the possibility of expanding that area to young adults.

Expected Outcomes :
• Research and experimentation to be presented in this blog.
• Successfully create new interest in classic series, reaching out to a new audience.


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